Welcome to the wikiLand homepage.


wikiLand is a Wiki system, built with Apache Cocoon (2.0.4) and JDK1.4.

It is deployable on any J2EE compliant servlet engine.

At the moment, latest version is 0.9.


This free software is available under the Apache Software License.


Normal installation

For fast deployment in any servlet engine, download the .war here: wikiLand_0.9.war. It includes C2.0.4 with scratchpad, Radeox and wikiLand.

Once the war is in your webapps directory,the URL for wikiLand is: http://serverIP:serverPort/wikiland_0.9/.

Alternate installation: inside an existing Cocoon

If you already have a running Cocoon 2.0.4 with scratchpad, you can instead uncompress this .tgz from the root directory of Cocoon context: wikiLand_0.9.tgz. It includes Radeox and wikiLand.

Once the .tgz has been uncompressed, reload the Cocoon context or restart you servlet engine. Then, the URL for wikiLand is: http://serverIP:serverPort/yourPathToCocoon/mount/editor and choose the "Wiki editor".

User list

If you like this piece of software, want to report bugs, be aware of newer versions, free free to join the user list.
For convinience, this user list is available as a mailing-list, as a newsgroup and/or as a web archive:

Mailing list

The official address of the list is: wikiland@ml.free.fr

To subscribe, mail to: wikiland-request@ml.free.fr?subject=subscribe
To unsubscribe, mail to: wikiland-request@ml.free.fr?subject=unsubscribe

The address of the moderator is: wikiland-owner@ml.free.fr


***The user list is mirrored as a newsgroup by Gmane.org***.

If the newsgroup format fits your need, you can reach the wikiLand user list via NNTP at: gmane.comp.web.wiki.wikiland.
First read the basic instructions for posting: Gmane posting instructions.

Note: The newsgroup is a copy of the mailing-list, and vice versa. If you post on the newsgroup, a copy of the message is sent to the mailing-list.

Web archive

An archive of the mailing-list/newsgroup is available on the web at Gmane.org.

Contact address : Mailing-list wikiland